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07/02/2020: BOOK REVIEW: Luxury Railway Travel By Martyn Pring

A hard back book with a dust cover depicting 1920’s travel. A book full of fascinating facts regarding the rise, fall and, hopefully, rise again of luxury railway travel. How Royal trains were at the forefront of developing travelling in comfort and convenience and how railway travel for the masses also led to the development of seaside towns, luxury hotels and golf courses. I was interested to learn that Waring and Gillow, who originally produced luxury interior designs for hotels, ocean liners and railway carriages, opened their London store in 1906 to supply high quality furniture for the home.

Unfortunately by the 1960’s Pullman trains were thought to have lost their glamour and while fine dining was out, buffet cars were the norm; but in latter years there has been a resurgence in all luxury forms of travel and glamour, prestige and elegance are available once again. For the past 30 years steam trains have been introduced to the Highlands between Fort William and Mallaig. Many countries now run luxury trains, both diesel and steam, where fine dining is provided and comfort is first class. Canada, America, India, Russia, Japan, South Africa and Australia all offer trips of a lifetime as well as the well known Orient Express. This book gives both a social and business history of rail travel for the masses from its beginning to the present day. Reviewed by Elaine Carlo on behalf of for Pen and Sword History

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