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13/01/2020: Opinion Blog: So What's Next?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and, what happens now? I generally wake up very confused after dreaming intensely. I usually bring into waking life with me, hence the confusion. Then I think, 'right, okay, so what's next?' Today's 'What's next?' was a whole heap of admin. I thought it was a great idea to populate Face Book with the stories and works from my writing group. The idea behind this was to help promote the newer writers within my group (Toosey Literary Circle) because with that comes confidence. After that was to upload the podcast that ought to have gone out last week but due to technical issues, didn't. (yeah, great start to the new year, that was!)

Afterwards, my admin continued with thinking of the subject content for this blog, writing my radio show content and think about the content for my new monthly newsletter. After all that admin is done, I've got to get some more studying done as I have a deadline looming up fast. Scary stuff! What's your 'what's next?' today?

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