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09/12/2019: Opinion Blog: Cyberspace vs Us

The Cyberworld vs Us

Followers and friends are an addictive trick from cyberspace creating the belief you need more of them, that you are only successful if you have hundreds of people following and friending you each day, each hour. Of course, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t buy into that thought process even for a tiny bit.

But stepping away from that mindset helps you think clearly enabling you to ask yourself what it is you want out of your life journey.

Most of us are taught that if we want the exciting job/lifestyle/insert item then we can have it providing we work hard for it. Nothing that comes easy is worth having after all. I was thinking about my job, my goals, my achievements recently and that’s how this blog grew legs.

The cyberworld is so much a part of our lives now that living without the engagement – and sometimes the approval – of others can make us feel quite alone and, dare I say it, worthless. Most of our jobs rely on computers so there’s really no avoiding it unless you live an extreme off-grid life in the woods somewhere. In which case you probably won’t see this message.

Ok, I’m getting philosophical here but indulge me. I have a pinned post on Twitter (@sjbwrites) that I look at often in order to remind myself what is important in cyberland. I urged you to look at it because I think sometimes we all need to remember that our journeys are unique to us, that patience is needed even if we’re not naturally blessed with patience.

Getting what you want from life might just turn out to be a timing thing. It may be that 'our' time is within the next year or next decade even.

So, take a breath, use the new year and the new decade to reassess and move forwards towards whatever you feel is right for you on your path.

Because it is your path only.

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