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13/12/2019: The Krays' London: A History and Guide

The Krays’ London
A History and Guide
By Caroline Allen
Published by Pen and Sword History

I was drawn to this book because I have relatives who grew up around the same time in the same area, so I know a lot about the family already.

My first impression of the book was how modern it looks; opposed to most Krays’ related books. The fact that this is a guide-book also provided interest.

The size of this guide-book is slight concern as I wonder if users might find it bulky since most guide books tend to be pocket-sized. However, the layout and structure are ideal, fitting nicely with the timeline of the life and ‘activities’ of the family and, particularly, the brothers.

The author promised unique information on the subject via the introduction and it was given but I felt each anecdote merited a bigger read to monopolise its uniqueness.

I’d be interested to read reviews from those who use this book in its intended capacity, especially as I was unable to do so myself.

An intriguing take on a popular subject which will undoubtedly provide some educational days out in London’s East End.

Reviewed by Sarah Banham of For The Love of Books

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