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02/12/2019: Opinion Blog: Reading for Pleasure

It sounds crazy but I rarely have a chance to read for pleasure nowadays.

Between reading for research, reviews and study, reading for pleasure has had to take a back seat over the past 6 years. It’s been really tough because sometimes I’ve just wanted to dive into a book for the sheer escapism of it but instead I’ve had to remain disciplined.

I’ve become a bore over the past few years while I’ve been focusing on a university degree but if all goes to plan, I will graduate Summer 2020. While I’ve been stuying, I’ve been putting off reading for pleasure until the holidays when I was absolutely sure I could get in a few books. However, that didn’t work out as I hoped. Christmas away from study is just 2 weeks and the months between modules resulted in other things that needed my attention.

The last book I tried to read for pleasure was unfairly marred by an unfortunate episode. I managed to take a book away on holiday with me to America in May and got through about a third of it. I had enjoyed the book up until the point when I was unexpectedly taken seriously ill (nine one one had to be called). It was a pretty traumatic few days, however, one I was well again I opened the book where I’d left it and the memories of being ill flooded back to me. I have not gone back to the book since which I realise it utterly unfair to it and its author but I totally intend to. I suspect the lasting trauma of the emergency was worse than I realised.

That was until this past few months when another book, a romantic thriller (my favourite genre to read and write) was highlighted to me by another writerly friend. She’d reviewed the book herself and said it involved, among other things, a bodyguard named Gary. While Gary is not my favourite name, I do like it and I like the idea of a bodyguard (I know one personally, he’s kinda cute!). I really love the idea of a romantic thriller involving a bodyguard so basically I was sold!

I’m a bit of a rebel to be honest because I’m about to reach the deadline of a uni assignment but this book keeps calling me. I’m using it as a reward for studying for two hours then a quick few chapters before going back to it again.

Reading for pleasure is a deeply needed hobby to me. It’s about escapism, fantasy and reminding myself that books are meant to be enjoyed whether you are writing them or reading them. Of course, as a society we need to be educated by them but sometimes we just need to enjoy them.

Big thanks go to the author, Vanessa Westermann for writing An Excuse for Murder and Hannah Read for highlighting it to me. Right, I’d better get back to the studying…after just one more chapter.

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