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30/09/2019: The 7th Self Publishing Conference

Earlier this year, I attended the above event held in Leicester, UK. I’d been to the very first one but hadn’t been able to get to the ones in between.

I wondered if they had changed in any way since the first one as these things tend to iron out any issues as they evolve. From my memory of the initial conference, there wasn’t much to alter as it was pretty smoothly organised throughout as was this recent one.

The Self Publishing Conference is run by Troubador Publishing Ltd and sponsored by businesses including Writing Magazine so big name reputations add to the literary atmosphere of the day.

They have heaps going on during the day including several talks. One of the talks I attended was on podcasting with Morgen Bailey ( This has proved useful because, as of September 2019, I will be launching The Versatile Writer podcast so some of the notes I made during Morgen’s event have been used.

I also attended the talk by Keynote Speaker Orna Ross (Founder and Director of the Alliance of Independent Authors) who reminded me of some very important information. I’d jotted down her suggestions during this talk about thinking of our skills in a different way – she was talking about ‘businesspreneurs’ and ‘authorpreneurs’ which makes a lot of sense.

As an aside, Orna’s been a great help to me over the past few years. Not to gush, but years ago after my 8th book was published (I’ve Got A Pen & I’m Not Afraid To Use It), I experienced something strange: publishing paralysis – like writer’s block but with publishing. For me it was the inability to publish again. I was perplexed as to why it happened, after all I’d done it before but I simply couldn’t.

I. Just. Couldn’t.

I’d been that way for five long years. People kept asking me when the next one was coming out and the more they asked, the worse it became. I happened to mention this to Orna while interviewing her at the London Book Fair one year and she recognised it telling me it was a real ‘thing’. She’d even written about it in one of her books (Go Creative! It’s Your Native State). Once I’d reflective intensively on my feelings*, plus getting a massive pep talk from one of my cousins, I pressed that button again and very low-key published my 9th and 10th books which enabled me to get on with my life/business/studies.

Back to the conference, armed with copious notes about podcasting, marketing and business attitude, I networked with the best in the business and enjoyed seeing familiar faces like Jane Rowland and Jeremy Thompson, plus I even met some ladies who’d friended me on Face Book but we’d never met in reality. It’s a strange world we live in.

In addition to the talks and classes, you get a goodie bag, constant refreshments, several varieties of cake, lunch and dessert all included in your ticket price. They even take on board dietary requirements.

All in all, the Self Publishing Conference is a cool event to attend. You’ll learn so much from it – I did.

*all in another blog another time.

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