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05/07/2019: Love Island

Unpopular opinion alert!

I like Love Island. There I said it. But have you noticed how divided people are on the show? It's almost as if people feel LI is a lesser form of TV and those watching it (or shock, horror taking part) are a lesser form of human. Remember last year when stats came out saying that there were more people applying for LI than applying for Oxbridge and people were shocked?

Well, I may have been a reluctant watcher but was pulled into it last year and without realising it began really rooting for specific couples or individuals. This year, I wasn't much interested until maybe the second or third episode and then...boom.

But the point of this blog isn't about gathering ratings for the show, it's about something much more down to earth that hugely relates to creative writing, or more specifically fiction writing.

You see, LI and other reality shows (Kardashian's, House Wives) have one thing that I think fiction writers might enjoy. Relationships. Or more importantly, explosive relationships.

When I'm writing a novel, one of my biggest loves is writing characters involving themselves within a relationship. Whether it is crime/romance, action/romance or simply romance itself, watching how people react to specific situations is gold. Of course you could rock up to a coffee show and stare outside (or inside) for a while to see how people react to each other but the kind of gentle cuteness or massive fireworks that you see on these shows enables your writing mind to gather images of body language, character traits and facial expressions.

As for more people applying to be on the show than applying for university, does that really matter? Not everyone wants to/is able to go to university because, guess what, everyone is an individual with their own wants and needs. And therein lies another blog subject for another time.

So before you dis the idea of Love Island (like I originally did), give it a go for the research alone. You don't have to like it, but the knowledge you can gather is gold.

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