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02/11/2018: BIKER BLOGS: It's not easy being green!

Remember when Kermit said that? I think I understand him now.

Menopause – or peri-menopause (the bit I’m in) creates a very colourful time in a woman’s life. Now, before all the guys click onto a different page, this affects you too. After all, why should we be the only one to suffer with it. Let’s share that suffering.

Kermit was green. I relate because my eyes are green. My hair is dyed red, the air is often blue when a mood hits me and within seconds from being sweary and shouty, my face matches my hair. Then my eyes see red.

Like I said, it’s a colourful time.

On the back of a motorcycle though, life feels different.

Because hubby and I (perhaps purposely?) do not have Bluetooth communications inside our helmets, and because he is a lot taller than me, I tend to see and hear very little while we ride out. This may sound restrictive, but it does provide a major positive: thinking time.

I run my own small business as a writer, ghost writer, business blog writer, workshop host, etc and I also present a weekly radio show on writing. On the days of the week I don’t do those things, I study. I’m now in my penultimate year of an Open University degree which is, you guessed it, writing related. Because of the often-intense nature of juggling my schedule, having time to think is paramount.

Between excellent riding skills, looking sexy in biker gear and generally being rather patient with his potentially volatile wife, hubby seems to enjoy the challenging mix of negotiating the traffic while having an anxious (will even jump at my own shadow!) pillion rider. We’ve had this bike for 3 years now and have had some amazing adventures on it.

We often take a long day trip out around Essex, an occasional weekend away (Lincolnshire, Wales etc) and we even battled the extreme sunshine earlier this year as we rode through the Cotswolds for a week. The term boil-in-the-bag was a reality for us during those five days. You can imagine what a delight I became for hubby while I endured menopausal hot flushes in 40-degree heat wearing a biker jacket and helmet! I probably lost a few pounds but then regained them during dinner each evening.

Aside from the thinking time you get on the back of a bike, you get to see life. Due to the lack of vision – I see both sides as we are on top of them rather than as they approach – when we slow down for traffic, I get to notice wild flowers, partially-hidden ancient stone walls, the reluctant rodent and occasional owls and other shy birds.

As a fan of architecture, I often get the chance within our county of Essex to take in the stunning lines and curves of gothic, classical, Victorian, medieval and even brand-spanking modern buildings.

So, between my hormones, thinking time, our weather and the countryside, pillion-riding is exciting and often peaceful in great measure.

That said, in unexpected torrential rain, the adventures are quite different again.

But that’s a story for another time.

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