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21/06/2018: How To Overcome Eating Disorders Breaking Free for a Better Life Louise V Taylor Published by Pen and Sword

Having experienced my own battles with eating disorders, I felt this book would answer a lot of my questions.

It did.

The cover photo is calming and serene but I didn’t feel it was right for this book. The layout is a little crowded too; wider margins may have been a better choice.

Those things aside, the content is well written and well researched covering many of the feelings suffered go through including feeling pressured, judged and shame.

Body image is not about vanity, it is about control and Taylor explains this fully confessing to her own experiences. She talks about how these disorders are fundamentally psychological incorporating how mental health issues can occur in later life.

She highlights statements like: ‘underlying emotional traumas’, ‘ambitious individuals who believe personal achievements are important’ and ‘being people pleasers’ which makes this book speak directly to the reader and connects with the sufferer.

The wavy oversized chapter headings did not seem to sit easily with the seriousness of the content or calm cover. However, Taylor makes up for that by incorporating case studies and touches on Freud and Jung while describing varying types of therapies available.

I was impressed Taylor focussed the disorder on sufferers of all ages and not just the young.

There is also a page devoted to self-help and further reading in addition to several helpful books sign-posted within the content.

All in all, a really insightful book. Thoroughly recommended for sufferers or those simply curious about eating disorders.

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