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13/12/2017: GDPR

What is it?
General Data Protection Regulation

What does it do?
Due to be passed by the House of Lords as a law, this regulation is designed to protect the consumer further. Currently when we purchase something online, or we give our personal details to a business, our details are protected but there are some loopholes. GDPR will enable us to have more control over what happens to our personally identifiable information.

I run a small business. Does it apply to my business too?
Everyone who runs a business, whatever its size, will be bound by the regulation. The Information Commissioner’s Office has made it clear that it will be seeking compliance from businesses of all sizes.

Does it cost?
Not directly, but if you do not comply, there will be hefty fines. If you have a web site, it will need to clearly display certain information. Even if you do not, you need to make sure that your reason for processing data, the exact nature of data held, for what period, where and by whom are all clearly understood by people before they submit their data.

How do I find out more about it? will give you more information, but for more human conversation, why not discuss it with your village websmith instead?

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