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09/11/2017: What Month is it? It's Nano-November!

November, for most people, is the pre-Christmas month. For writers all over the world it means NaNoWriMo.

Writing a novel within the month - 1667 words a day from the first to the last day of November - is as difficult as it sounds.

But then that is why it is called a challenge.

Most people who take on the challenge struggle at some point within the month. It might be time struggles, plot struggles, even fatigue struggles. There are few people who sail through the entire process without an issue.

So why do it?Yeah, I ask myself that every. Single. Year!

I think I participate in Nano ( because of the community aspect to it. Sure, there are writers all over the county but you never meet the professional ones, the hobbyist ones or the writing groups ones until Nano begins and then you really meet some characters.

Those people are your tribe.

They get you. They understand that when you are washing up the dinner plates at night you are wondering what 'Andrew' is thinking as you left him in a lift with nothing but a old coffee cup and a wrist watch which he might be using to count down the minutes until you release him and the doors open.

You see? As a writer, we get involved in our stories so much, we forget life outside of our heads.

Imagination is the key.

Without it, who are we? What are we?

We are approaching the middle of nano soon - the saggy bit where many have already downed pens, and others are typing furiously into the night. The bit where some of us have families who say, 'Shouldn't you put that away and spend some time with the children?'

Whatever the outcome of your 2017 nano, I wish you a fun filled time.

The best of it is, once midnight comes on 30th November, we only have 365 days until it all happens again.

Happy writing!

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