Guardian Angel (Novel)

A raw, tense detective story with powerful characters and a strong romantic twist hidden among the story's convolutions. Gripping and engaging read for all of us who know that police are humans too.

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Jenna's Dad (Novel)

A charming teenage romp that examines the stresses and strains of being (or knowing) a teenage girl…

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Project Hero (Short Stories)

This collaboration with fellow authors brought together a collection of short stories and first chapters. It was sold to benefit the charity Help for Heroes.

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Dicing With Danger (Novel)

An ex-cop + a socialite = trouble. Find out what it means to rely on someone you just don't trust..

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Runwell Remembered (Commissioned History)

Runwell Hospital in Essex goes back a long way. The hospital has a proud history and this was recorded with care at the request of the local NHS trust for publication. As well as writing content, Sarah took many of the photographs in the book.

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Sealed With a Kiss (Ghosted)

Every one of us has a story to tell. It may be purely for the benefit of family and friends, or it could be the next big seller on the bookstalls. Sometimes, it takes another person to get it down on paper, and that is where my ghost writing services come in. This gentleman told me the story of his life in his own words and I carefully wrote and published it for him.

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Forever A Toosey Girl (Ghosted)

Growing up in St Osyth (Toosey) in the early 20th century, Anne Hakes made lace, lived, loved, lost, loved again and thrived in a culture with rules that may seem distant and foreign now, but were very real at the time.

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I've Got a Pen - And I'm Not Afraid to Use It (Non Fiction)

For all of us who have felt the urge to write, but just didn't know where to start, this guide will help. It deals in a very readable way with finding inspiration, characterisation and most importantly motivation. The approach is logical and organised, which every aspiring writer needs to be. The new road starts here…

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