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Writer's Block - Monday 6-7pm on Colne Radio 106.6fm

Writer's Block has been though many changes in its 7 years and has been the platform for over 400 guests, giving a voice to new and existing writers all over the area - and world in some cases.

I have taken up home in the studios at Colne Radio (106.6fm) who I have been working with for several years.

I broadcast live every Monday night from 6pm BST from a little studio in Wivenhoe, Essex, UK.

If you are local to North Essex (UK) and are willing to talk live in the studio to discuss your love of writing/your book/your writing group/your book group, indeed anything creative writing related, get in touch with the show's Facebook page: "Writer's Block Local Radio Show" or my twitter feed @sjbwrites. Big Ear Radio is another way you can hear selected Writer's Block shows. This platform is online only. The Ear in Big Ear is an acronym for Equal Ability Radio. Just go online to their platform, see my face and click on it for various shows from Writer's Block.

Click here to listen to my podcast

Since May 2012, my guests have included the following:

  • Julie Aldridge, Fantasy Author
  • Stuart Ayris, Fiction Author
  • Linda Gruchy, Thriller Author
  • Malcolm Brown, Poet
  • Paul Churchouse, Proofreader
  • Chloe Banham, Voice Actress
  • Megan Crisp, Voice Actress
  • Danny Crates, Paralympion. Autobiography
  • Ruth Dugdall, Crime Author
  • Dan Yeager, Historical Crime Author
  • Dave Monk, BBC Essex Presenter
  • Seona Ford, Essex Book Festival Chair
  • Gina Gardner, Self Help Author
  • Ian Ayris, Fiction Author
  • JC Piech, Fantasy Author
  • Bob French, Military Fiction Author
  • Bernardine Kennedy, Saga and Romance Author
  • Matt Johnson, Author
  • Roz Morris, Ghost Writer
  • Jane Davis, Author
  • Peter Snell, Book Shop Owner
  • Dr Carol Cooper, Author
  • Anita Belli, Author
  • Karen Inglis, Author
  • Alex Clare, Author
  • Bob Clarke, Author
  • Patrica Hutson, Author
  • Sue Cook, Author
  • James Mortimer, Poet
  • Rob Jelly, BBC Presenter
  • Patrick Forsyth, Author
  • Owen Knight, Author
  • James Fanthorpe, Graphic Designer
  • Paula Readman, Thriller Author
  • Elizabeth Lord, Romance Author
  • Pat O'Keeffe, Crime Author
  • Robert Banham, Photographer
  • Jo Barnard, Self Help Author
  • Juliet Mushens, Literary Agent
  • Andrew Burton, Writing Coach
  • Syd Moore, Thriller Author
  • Ceri Norman, Fantasy Author
  • Peter Jones, Self Help Author
  • Della Galton, Agony Aunt for Writer's Forum Magazine and Columnist
  • Emma Biddulph, NaNoWriMo Officer
  • Saskia Young, Arts Student
  • Neil Hesman, Websmith
  • Heather Lealan, Spirit/Fantasy Author
  • Sam Callahan, Song Writer
  • Peter Jones, Author (2nd visit)
  • Dave Monk, BBC Essex Presenter (2nd Visit)
  • Seona Ford, Chair, Essex Book Festival (2nd Visit)
  • Belinda Farrell, Co-ordinator, Essex Book Festival
  • Jules Eastlea, PR Consultant, Essex Book Festival
  • Patricia Rennoldson-Smith, Author
  • Paul Wreyford, Author
  • Andrew Burton, Writing Coach and Script Writer
  • Oliver King, Writer & winner of Get It Writ competition
  • Maren Feller, Proofreader and Translator
  • Maggie Freeman, Author
  • Bernardine Kennedy, Author, (2nd visit)
  • Paul Smith, Speech Writer/Eulogy Writer
  • JC Piech and Tim Chante, Authors
  • Lee Pasifull, Song Writer
  • Marion Hough, Author and Writing Tutor
  • Claire Owen, Magazine Editor
  • Liz Fisher-Frank, Teen Lawyer and Author
  • Liz Trenow, Author
  • Robbie and Nicky Claydon, Young Writer
  • Neil Hesman, Websmith and Copywriter (Regular guest)
  • Karen Bowman, Author
  • Alan Walker, Author
  • James Cracknell, Tutor
  • Joe Wenbourne, Radio Presenter and Author
  • Steve Hannam, Blogger
  • Tony Baws, Author
  • Jan Williams, Story Teller
  • Emma Biddulph, Author (regular guest)
  • Sarah-Jane Bird, Author (regular guest)
  • Gerald Hornsby, Author
  • Dan Yeager, Author (regular guest)
  • Sheena Cundy, Author
  • Neil Hesman, Beta Reader, Websmith (regular guest)
  • Caroline Ogden, Author

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