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Working alone can sometimes be jolly hard work. Nobody to interact with, nobody to bounce ideas from and nobody to motivate you. But if you attend a creative writing workshop (designed and delivered by Sarah herself), you will be part of something pretty special. Sarah encourages brain storming, interaction and discussion during her workshops which enables you to leave knowing you've learned something new, something exciting and made new writing buddies. Always a great opportunity to network with like minded people.

Check out my Calendar of Events for details of forthcoming workshops.

Workshop Content

Finding Inspiration For Creative Writing
I show you the tools to grasp ideas from nothing and turn them into something pretty special.

Getting To Know Your Main Character
Using visualisations and discussion, I teach you how to 'interview' your main character getting the best from them for your novel.

From Acorn To Oak
Taking things a few steps further from the initial idea, you'll learn how to explore the entire novel.

How To Fall In Love With Your Main Character
Includes tools on learning how to use basic psychology, understanding how attraction works and getting 'intimate' with your hero/heroine.

Copywriting for Businesses
In partnership with The Village Websmith,you'll be shown how to increase your sales by using better English. Prices when advertised.

Public Speaking for Businesses
In partnership with The Village Websmith, a workshop providing you with essential tools for confident speaking. Prices when advertised.

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