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For the Love of Books - Ghost Writing - Not Just for Celebrities

Ghost writing is used by so many individuals and businesses nowadays yet so few people know this. That is because the work is ghosted! Put simply, a writer is hired to write content/books/fiction/fact/brochures/etc so you don't have to. Hiring a ghost writer means you need not spend time writing yourself. Or maybe you don't enjoy putting words down. If this sounds like you, please do get in touch.

Generally, I work with individuals and/or businesses and through a series of chats, we work out together what you want to say. I write the words, you get the credit.

You are bound to have a few questions though. Frequent questions asked are below, perhaps they will help you at this early stage:

1. Do you take on rewrites of fiction/non-fiction?

The simple answer is yes. It is a lot easier for me to write your book based on the story that is already there. It means fewer interviews with you and those needed are likely to be queries that need clarification.

2. How long does the whole process take?

'How long is a piece of string?'. Every project is different so, that said, every project takes time. Dependent on the size of the piece, it could be anything from six months to 18 months. Life stories can take from a year onwards if it is from scratch. If there is a comfortable starting point (ie, existing notes in abundance), this may reduce the time. Fiction is slightly different because it relies mostly on imagination and genre.
My advice would be that once the project is handed over to me, you sit back and relax.

3. Can you guarantee my book will be published?

No, I cannot. If publication is what you seek then we need to discuss this at the earliest stages of the project. Most life stories I ghost write are produced simply as a legacy for families only with no likelihood of being sold to the public. This is because, sadly, most peoples' lives are not of mainstream interest and so channelling money into a project like that does not make sound business sense.
If you want your fiction/non-fiction book published, we may suggest that independent publishing (or self publishing) could be the way forwards as you may be able to hook a specialist audience with your work. It is also worth noting that any quote I give is for the ghost writing services only, publishing will be extra.

4. What about confidentiality?

Once I have agreed to take on your work, I will provide you with an agreement to terms and at this point we can include a confidentiality agreement.

5. How much does ghost writing cost?

Again this depends on the amount of work and the amount of time it takes to produce the finished piece. As a rule of thumb you are looking at a figure of around �5,000 for a life story. Fiction may be more dependent on the size and genre. Monthly payment plans can be arranged.

If you have other questions relating to your own project, please do email me. Alternatively, why not purchase my 'Ghosting!' book for a fiver (plus shipping)? It has been written to give answers to those looking to hire a ghost and those considering becoming a ghost. Email me for a copy. It could help you make an informed decision.

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