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You may be writing a book. You may be searching for a captivating caption for the image in your press release. Whatever you are working on with words, at some point, you may find it helps to use one or more of these services.

  • Ghost Writing
  • Workshops
  • Business 'Blogging
  • Commercial Copywriting
Whether you need input for a complete life story, or just help with a few weighty words, you will find a cost-effective solution in the writing services page. Take a look, or if you have a specific question, just click in the header of any page to send us an email.

Stop Press!

I am Getting very excited about the start of my Autumn Creative Writing Courses in November. These run one day per week for six weeks and cover topics of interest to writers from the germ of an idea to dealing with publishers. See the calendar page for more details.

Writing Naked by Sarah Banham

"Only when a writing prompt is stripped bare, can a writer truly expose themselves to the nugget of the idea. The au naturel prompts inWriting Naked encourage an unguarded creative response, enabling your imagination to find true freedom.

Less is more. Restrictions curtail creativity. Some writing prompts funnel your creativity into a specific genre, style or general theme. Even though you may not feel hemmed in, something about the prompt may force your creativity to head in one direction: perhaps by word count, format or even a deadline.

Writing Naked doesn't do that. It contains the bare bones of ideas. Both the visual and textual prompts are just that: prompts. Idea generators. Opportunities for ideas to flourish. Your ideas. Unrestrained.

By mixing a balance of pictorial and textual prompts, Writing Naked offers flexibility. There's no right or wrong way to use these. Use the textual prompts first, then the visual, or vice versa. Join two prompts together: mix and match. See what happens.

If the creative juices aren't flowing, your inner critic could be to blame. Writing Naked can disrobe it, and arouse your creativity with more passion than you ever imagined!"

Simon Whaley
Ghostwriting by Sarah Banham

"Ghostwriters are not just for celebrities. Many people have great stories to tell, both fictional and non-fictional, but lack the skills to do the actual writing themselves.

In this book Sarah gives clear and reassuring advice to anyone thinking of dipping a toe into publishing waters, and also gives guidance to those considering becoming ghostwriters for the first time"

Andrew Crofts

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