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01/02/2017: How's your confidence?

Everyone has a story to tell and a book to write. Learning to do this creatively can do more for you than just provide anything between an absorbing pastime and a new career. More than that though, writing creatively can bring a wealth of benefits in less expected ways. Confidence with words is one thing that writing has taught me over the years. Speaking to people as well as writing comes more naturally and easily to me thanks to making use of words when I write.

This can have a powerful effect on every aspect of life, so whatever your writing ambitions may be, taking the voyage of discovery into your own story can be a fascinating and rewarding journey. If you don't know where to begin, attending one of my workshops, taking some coaching or joining one of my writing groups can be a positive beginning. Call me for a chat or send an email to get the ball (point) rolling.

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20/01/2017: You are not alone!

Have you a writing related new year's resolution? Perhaps to dig out that book or story that you have neglected. Maybe your aim is to start a new writing project, or enter a particular literary competition. Writing resolutions are no different to any other kind really, they are so much easier to stick with successfully if you have a little help. Having someone to make contact with at key stages, to check progress against plan, and to offer encouragement or advice can make all the difference. This can also be surprisingly affordable. My hourly rates are very reasonable and there are no commitments on your part to take a specific package. Everything is geared to you, your timescale and your project. When taking time away from longer term projects, such as ghost writing, this one-to-one coaching and mentoring approach can be highly productive in a relatively short time, fitting in sessions to suit you. If you feel that a little help and motivation can bring out the best in your novel, short story, poetry or script, let's have a chat. You can call me on the number above or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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14/10/2014: Book Reviews

Whenever an author receives a review about their book, there is a certain amount of tension that surrounds it. Will it be favourable? Will it be scathing? Will it be hard to swallow? Will it be brilliant?

Of course, not every review can be wonderful - after all we each have differing views as to what can be classed as 'wonderful'. Most of the time, if the review is 'adequate' or 'acceptable', it gives us just enough 'it was good, you can go on with your day now' to get through.

Back in April when I published my most recent book, I gave a copy to the Self Publishing Magazine at The London Book Fair and while a review wasn't guaranteed, it was accepted. Six months down the line the book has been reviewed. For this I am truly thankful.

There were one or two glitches with the book, I'm sure (nothing is utterly perfect after all and I am human), but on the whole, I am happy with the review.

If you have a copy of the book, I hope you enjoy it too. If you don't, you can get a copy from me or from this site.

sjb :O)

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29/09/2014: Feeling Unsure?

OK, so you have got a story to write but unsure about the way forward? There is no need to feel as lonely as a boat out there. I can help.

Hiring a ghost writer neeedn't be the most expensive thing on the planet. Indeed, most businesses hire someone to write anything from their advertising flyers right through to corporate histories. Sometimes it is a small job and other times a larger project.

A ghost writer worth their salt is someone who will listen to what you want to say. I am such a ghost writer. I will spend time with you, listen to your needs and carry them out.

I've been told I am friendly, helpful and professional. If those qualities appeal to you, please do get in touch.

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21/09/2014: A Right Larfff!

Yes, a typo - but it is allowed because it was a particularly exciting week!

Last week, For The Love of Books was part of some pretty special events and network meetings. The best of it was epitomised by me sitting in an F1 simulator. My face can best be described as hilarious!

This kind of expression, however, is what owning your own business is like. Some days it can be calm and serene while others can be completely wacky!

There is never a dull moment in the life of an entrepreneur and that is the way it should stay!

Have a great new week and I hope the expression on your face is something like this :O)

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15/09/2014: What's New in The World of A Writer?

Quite a lot actually.
As I wear many different hats within my roles of Writer, Photographer and Websmith, I find variety is the spice of life. My life, that is.
The thing is with being a creative soul is that so many aspects of business can be appealing that you want to be part of them AND you find you have many different skillsets, thus 3 hats.

Within the role of my writing business, I have recently reduced the amount of services I offer. Most people found I offered too many options so it seemed logical to streamline. It has worked well and been beneficial.
For those of you interested in Business Writing: 'blogs, proofreading, editing, then do get in touch.
For those of you who are more interested in the creative side of things. writing workshops, writing coach and ghost writing services, then I'm your gal!

However I can serve you, please do get in touch. It will be great to hear from you.

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24/07/2014: IN8 Business Networking Event

Fancy getting together on a monthly basis with other Small and Medium Enterprises to exchange tips, ideas and referrals? Well, IN8 Networking Event do exactly that!

We meet at several Essex venues each month for breakfast and evening meetings in order to expand our potential client base and build business relationships. Currently we meet at Basildon (The Haywain), Thorrington Nr Colchester (Mario's Place) and Purleigh Nr Maldon (Purleigh Bell).

If you are interested in attending FREE business networking events through IN8 and would like to be on our mailing list, please email or with IN8 MAILING LIST in the title heading and we will include you.

Looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

For The Love of Books

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30/05/2014: Workshop Link

A few of you have asked for the Eventbrite link to show on my blog. Easily done! It is below. (you may need to cut and paste into your browser)

Please also note that on the day of the workshop in Maldon on the barge, you are asked not to wear high heeled shoes. Trainers or flats are fine. This is due to the age of the barge and your safety and ease getting around.

Also please bring lunch for yourself - or feel free to roam out and about for lunch - then we will pick up again in the afternoon. There will be an abundance of tea/coffee and biscuits throughout the whole workshop which is included in the fee.

Very much looking forward to meeting you on 13 June :O)

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01/05/2014: Happy second birthday to Writer's Block

My radio programme for writers on Saint FM celebrates its second birthday today. This will be an opportunity for all guests who have been on the show over the last two years to send in birthday greetings to be read out on the next broadcast, which is on May the 6th.

A huge thank you to all who have participated while I have been presenting Writer's Block. I have enjoyed presenting the programme immensely and look forward to many more interesting interviews in the future.

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